Parking Lot Lighting

Our team at A&I Electrical Construction is your professional electrical team for parking lot lighting for your business.We provide efficient and dependable parking lot lighting services for businesses throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Our lighting systems can keep your lot well-lit, inviting, and safe, and we install LED lighting that is energy efficient and keeps your energy costs down.

When you call on us to upgrade your parking lot lighting, our trained professionals will ensure that the entire process is done right. We review your current lighting and your overall needs, and we design a new lighting system based on the layout and your needs.

We’ll take care of procuring the equipment, and our techs will install your new lighting equipment properly and safely, including digging trenches, installing poles and other fixtures, and adding safe and solid connections. Once everything is in place, we’ll inspect and test the equipment and ensure you are satisfied with your new lighting. After installation, we can maintain your lighting system and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Make sure that your parking lot is well-lit and safe for your staff, customers, and visitors. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our parking lot lighting services and how we can add safety, security, and energy efficiency to your place of business.

Reach out to the professionals at A&I Electrical Construction today and tell us about your parking lot lighting needs.
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